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About us

Based in heritage city of INDIA, P.P. Rubbers Products Pvt. Ltd. is known for its high quality Products. Over the years, we have developed high specialization in production of Footwear.

Our strong infrastructure, complete in-house mfg. process coupled with skilled team of craftsmen enables us to bring out very high quality products at low production cost and in relatively short time.

Our dedicated team members care about the quality of their work. Our people, like our products, are highly reliable. We are committed to getting the job right every time, on time.

P.P. Rubbers Products Pvt. Ltd. performs a wide variety of manufacturing of Footwear. No other company can do all that we do, or does it as well, or as fast. In many cases, no one else can even come close.

Our people are sincerely committed to customer service. We know that when all is said and done, the service you received will have an impact on your future purchase decisions. We make it a point of honour to provide outstanding service throughout the manufacturing process.

Take a look at the many quality awards adorning our walls and you know that quality craftsmanship is a great source of pride. We encourage our customers to visit us to see our operation as well as the product. In this way, they could know us better which is important for long term business relationship. We are very experience in dealing with stuffing and shipment. We notify our customers of shipment schedule pre or after loading.

SUPERIOR MATERIALS : We understand that our reputation is only as good as the reputation of the materials that go into our products. That's why only the best Footwear manufacturers are used in our products. And if a unique application requires a specially formulated material, our technical staff will assist you in developing a compound to your exacting specifications.

ON TIME DELIVERY : Chances are you won't find anybody who will get what you need when you need it faster. What that means to you is Same Day and Just In Time deliveries.

VALUE ADDED PRICING : While product quality is second to none, you'll find our pricing very competitive. What's more, you won't have to order more than you need, since we maintain a low minimum order policy.

An Impression behind Every Foot.
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