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  • Shoes are an expensive investment, but with care they can last a lifetime.

  • Always polish shoes after use. Polish nourishes the leather from cracking and drying out.

  • Place wood shoe trees in the shoes after use, thus retaining the shape and removing moisture. Shoes should not be a tight fit, just a sufficient tension to hold on shoes without stretching at top of heel

  • Try not to wear the same pair of shoes on consecutive days. The life of your shoes can be greatly extended if they are rested between use.

  • If you wear suede or unbuck shoes, brush them regularly.

  • The careful application of a Scotch guard™ spray will repel most stains (but not grease and oil).

  • Do not allow soles to become too thin as this may damage other parts of the shoes, such as the welts and uppers

  • Always use a good shoe or boot horn; this will prevent irreparable damage to the back stiffening of the shoes.

  • Do not dry damp shoes on direct heat

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