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 Designing of the shoe

One of the most enjoyable aspects of designing the shoe is in deciding how the designer will want them to look.

Apart from the choice of styles, there are many other subtle factors that contribute to and influence its final appearance. These are: the materials used, toe shapes, heel height, sole type and accessories. The designer usually develops more than a hundred shoe styles for the season. The designer’s winning style focuses mainly on perfect fitting, comfort, quality and value.


 Pattern Making and Preparation

The next stage is the preparation of paper patterns which will be used as templates from which the various pieces of leather making up the upper, lining and other parts of the shoe can be cut.

These patterns are made by the pattern maker using the last as a guide. Their precise shapes naturally vary with the design of the shoe. Each component is examined and analyzed for proper application in regard to the function and style of the shoes being created (upper & lining, insoles & outsoles, heel counters, toe boxes, etc.)

Leathers are chosen accordingly, quality leathers must be smooth without skin damage, be in the right measurement and thickness must be soft and does not wrinkle easily.


 Cutting and Upper Making

Using the paper patterns the shoemaker will cut the various pieces that will form the uppers. The parts are prepared - holes punched, eyelets and buckles put in etc - and glued together prior to stitching.



The pieces of leather are then sewn carefully making sure that the stitches are straight and perfect with the appropriate linings and reinforcements.

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